What is EOTRH?

EOTRH is a very painful, progressive condition that mainly affects the incisors and canine teeth (stallion teeth). The molars are less commonly involved in the process. This condition is more common in older horses. In our region, Icelandic horses seem to be clearly more affected than other breeds. However, no breed predisposition is found worldwide. EOTRH was first described in 2004, and in 2008, the name EOTRH was applied after a histopathological study of the affected teeth. So, it appears to be a very recent condition. For now, we speak of EOTRH when we see resorptive lesions combined with hypercementosis. However, it is very likely that this large group of clinical presentations will be subdivided into different, better-defined conditions (EOTRH, Cementoosseous dysplasia – EORL).

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